Helping Clients Choose Natural Stone Slabs in the GTA

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If your client is looking for the beauty and richness of natural stone slabs, that simply can’t be captured by man-made building materials. Keep reading to learn more about helping clients choose natural stone slabs in the GTA for majestic countertops, flooring, or fireplaces.

Client Needs

With such a wide selection, it’s important to take the time to find out as many details as you can. The obvious first step is deciding on a colour. Your client may be trying to match the colour already present in the room, or they may want a strong contrast to make a statement. Or maybe they just want the same natural stone they saw in a magazine or at a friend’s house.
You should also find out how your client uses the room. For example, someone who spends a lot of time cooking in the kitchen may not want a marble countertop because of its porous nature and the frequent resealing that will be needed for heavy use. On the other hand, a frequent baker may enjoy how cool the stone is. It’s your job to make recommendations based on your client’s needs.

Types of Stone

Many clients arrive determined to have the unique beauty of marble or soapstone, but they may be dismayed by the price. Remind them that marble is rare and the rarer their choice of this gorgeous stone, the higher the price per square foot. There’s nothing quite like marble’s distinct veining or bold patterns. Although it makes for a striking material in the kitchen, remind your client that marble is porous and will stain. If they’re fond of wine, fruit juice and other acidic foods and drinks, they may want to skip marble. Even quick spills from acidic liquids can pit their marble forever. Suggest other uses for marble, like around the fireplace and mantle, or for columns and walkways. If your clients have part of their natural stone slabs leftover after installation, there are many furniture makers in the GTA who can turn those slabs into stools, bench tops, trivets, and other accent pieces for the room.
Granite is another prestigious natural stone that raises a home’s value. It’s low maintenance and comes in a wide variety of colours. Show your client how the graininess of granite adds depth to each piece, bringing out even more of the stone’s natural beauty. As a bonus in the kitchen, granite resists heat and only needs to be resealed every two years.


GTA fabricators may find they have clients coming straight to them, determined to install their natural stone slabs themselves. It’s important to make it clear that saving money now on installation may cost do-it-yourselfers down the road. Some manufacturers will even void the warranty if trained and certified professionals don’t install their countertops. Given how long natural stone lasts, the initial cost of installation is well worth it.
Natural stone slabs are a great choice for homeowners across the GTA who are looking for the natural, unmatchable beauty that they can use to increase their home’s value.